Royal Index LLC Benefits.

All our customers are important for us. We will conduct a training programme before you start your live account. We have a plenty of training and educational resources you can benefits. We will cover a detailed training secession which covers all basics about Foreign Exchange and Commodity Trading. Royal Index LLC’s main benefit is we not only teach all the advantages of Forex trading but also its disadvantages. Training Secession we will cover all the risk involved in Forex Trading.

First you learn all information about Forex Trading and then you can decide whether to join Royal Index LLC or quit. If you are ready to start an account, we will set up a demo account to practice. After you find yourself confident, then you can start an account with us.

Advantages of Royal Index LLC Forex Trading

  1. High liquidity
  2. The Forex Market is open 24 Hours a day
  3. Leverage
  4. Ability to profit in bothe Directions
  5. Low Transaction Cost


Royal Index LLC Advantages

What are the Advantages of Trading with Royal Index

1) Trade with peace of mind.

We Royal Index LLC started our operations in 1996. We have almost 18 years of experience in Forex Trading Industry. Our company is licenced under Central Bank of UAE

2) Your Investment is Save with Royal Index

At Royal Index you are trading with international platform.  You can withdraw your money at anytime. You are the  master in your Investment

3) You can Practice with Demo account

First our executive in Royal Index will teach you everything about Forex Trading. After getting confidence only you can start your real time account

Psychology and Money Management

Fear: When working with a live account, the fear of hitting the stop loss may cause the trader to ignore money management and commit to a deep stop loss that risks to much money. Some even skip putting a stop loss!

Greed: Also the greed when seeing (or imagining) a lucrative trade can make the trader enlarge the trade, without squeezing the stop loss, in a way that will break the money management rules.

The psychological difference between a forex isn’t significant, since money management is done when the trader is on the sidelines – doesn’t have an open position. When being out of the market, the state of the account is clear, and the trader can easily match the upcoming trade to the money management rules.

Forex Money Management

In short, money management is controlling how much of your account you want to risk at a single trade. There’s lots of material on the web  about how to manage money in forex. There are various methods. I’m not going to get into the various ways of money management, but I’ll just say that it’s important to learn the issue, and adopt a set of rules to do it.

This side of forex trading is often neglected by traders. When they approach making a new deal, they tend to look at the number of pips that they risk, and not at the relational part of their account which they can lose.

Smart traders risk only 1% of their original account each time. This way, a serious of losses will not result in the liquidation of the account.

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