Royal Index Testimonials

At Royal Index We have number of satisfied clients. Majority of Royal Index Clients are referred by existing clients and other professionals. Here are some of the comments clients say about us

“We are heavily depend on the analyst of Royal Index LLC to build up our financial models. Our company have different stream of Financial outputs. Our initial stages we very much depended on Royal Index for our Investments.”

Senior Vice President – Western Oilfield


“Overall i am happy about Royal Index Dubai and their dedication and service to their clients. I have a deepened relationship over 5 years and it is positively growing. Thank you Royal Index your support”

Head of Finance,  Islamic Bank

“The research report provided by Royal Index Dubai always help us to take the accurate decision in our investment. Sometimes i consult with Mohammad of Royal Index before any further movement in Forex Trading. Most of the times we win. Thank you very much guys.”

Director, Al Shaheen, Leading financial institution in the UAE

Royal Index and team has been a vital part in our early time success in our Business. Our relationship is growing day by day. Their team’s dedication to provide consitent and timely service is marvelous. Over the past year our company have made tremendous success in Business by the great effort by Royal Index Dubai team. Eeach members in our company express our gratitude to each team members of Royal Index for their hardwork and dedication. We are excited to continue our partnership with Royal Index for the coming years also”

CEO, Cloud Platform for Bankers and Investors

Forex vs Stock Market

The Forex and Stock Market have many similarities, however there are a few key differences as stated below:

1.  The fundamental difference between forex and the stock market is that forex does not deal in any way with local businesses or corporations, only with the trading of currencies. It is not even dependent on the profits or losses of corporations – in a way this makes it more reliable and easier to trade more accurately.

2. The volume of trade in the foreign exchange market is also exponentially larger than stocks. There is continuous exchange of money between governments, banks and similar institutions that cross borders because of everyday commerce. This is what fuels the market.

3.  Trading stocks means owning shares of it. Before that happens, there are a lot regulations that the investor has to comply with. This effectively slows the process. With forex, the commodity is currency, or money. Money is always on call and when you have money, it can be converted into any other country’s currency. This is also what makes forex so fast-paced.

Forex Trading Some Important Skills


  1. Learning patience. It takes time to learn how to trade successfully and the trader should accept this rather than believe that after only a few courses, they will be successful at once. Apart from the lessons they will learn from the Forex school, they will also have to spend hours of practice making paper trades before they go and make actual money trades. It is said that it takes 10,000 hours to become proficient at something, and you will have to put in the time required to develop into a successful trader since it will not happen overnight.
  2. Taking the long term view. Most beginning traders mistakenly believe the hype that the currency market is a place where you can make a fortune virtually overnight. Any good forex school will inculcate in their students the basic lesson that it takes time to make money. Attempting to make a big amount of money at once in the markets can only end in disaster unless you’re really lucky. Keep in mind that the only way to earn substantial profits from the forex markets is to trade using leverage, but this also greatly increases the amount of money you can lose.

Some Tips for Trading Forex

Forex trading is, in a nutshell, when you buy one country’s currency (i.e. the American dollar) by selling another country’s currency (i.e. the British pound). Currently, the U.S. dollar, British pound, the Swiss franc, the Japanese yen, and the euro are the major currencies on the foreign exchange market. Forex trading has become so popular that it has surpassed the New York Stock Exchange as the top financial market worldwide.

If you’ve never traded Forex online before, you must know what you expect. Following are some helpful tips that will prepare you for a successful experience trading Forex online.

  1. Know what you’re doing. Before you begin trading Forex online, you must know what you’re doing. Go in blindly and you risk losing your money: It’s that simple. Learn about trading Forex online by researching the market and the systems successful traders use.

Predictable Currency Pairs

Some currency pairs tend to follow patterns in a much more readable way. With the best ones, patterns can be easily seen with the naked eye, before placing the first line on the chart. It is important to be aware of this before looking for a trade.

With more predictable currency pairs, clear support and resistance lines will be respected in a better manner. This means that when the pair approaches the line, its movement will slow down. Does it lack the momentum to break? This line will serve as a bouncing spot, and the price will return towards the middle of the range.

And when the pair has enough momentum to make the break, it will leave the line behind and eventually settle in a new range, higher or lower. The same applies for uptrend or downtrend channels.

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